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HuffPost Taste on The Family Cooks: “A Cookbook of Explosively Good Recipes”


Kerry Trueman of HuffPost Taste raves about the new book, in particular the recipe for Fresh, Fruity, Summer Porridge”:

“The ‘summer porridge’ recipe in Laurie David’s new book The Family Cooks is so delicious, it’s dangerous. I didn’t realize just how dangerous till a TSA official confiscated the Mason jar containing my latest batch and tossed it in the trash at LaGuardia airport last week.

Admittedly, David’s recipe is da bomb; it reinvents a classic hot winter comfort food as a cool summer treat. You mix rolled oats with yogurt, fresh berries, a little honey and grated apple, let it chill overnight, and voila! The next morning, you’ve got a tasty, healthy, good-to-go breakfast to savor or eat on the run.”

Visit The Huffington Post for the full recipe to Fresh, Fruity Summer Porridge and to read the full review: “A Cookbook of Explosively Good Recipes”.


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