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Laurie Chats with “A Way to Garden”


Laurie sat down recently with Margaret Roach of A Way to Garden to discuss “The Family Cooks” and the documentary film “Fed Up.” She shares her thoughts on the need for families to cook real food at home, to avoid all of the unnecessary and harmful ingredients in packaged food, including too much added sugar.

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Our recipe for Fresh Fruity Summer Porridge is highlighted, and Laurie offers this tip for preparing kale:

“For the Kneaded Kale, you clean it, take the ribs out, chop it up, and add maybe a teaspoon of oil per bunch or handful, and you massage it like 15 or 20 times to rub the oil into all the leaves. It sort of softens the kale up, and people say it makes it more digestible. You can store it in a glass jar in the refrigerator and serve it the next night with pine nuts or sunflower seeds on top of it, as a salad, or you can toss it into eggs, or sauté it (it’s already got the olive oil in it). It’s fantastic.

If you prefer to listen to the podcast of the June 16th interview, you can get it free on iTunes, Stitcher, or streaming via


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