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Food Network Healthy Eats Interview with Laurie


Healthy Eats, the Food Networks’ healthy eating blog, recently chatted with Laurie, and shared the recipe for Roasted Cauliflower Popcorn from the new Family Cooks book.

Laurie shared a secret for getting kids to enjoy healthy food:

Get them involved and model healthy eating day after day. One of our primary jobs as parents is to teach our kids how to eat, and we’ve been outsourcing that job to corporations. Even little kids can help prepare meals — picking out colorful vegetables, ripping up parsley, stirring, setting the table. I am grateful that I figured this out in time to raise my kids this way. Now they crave healthy food. I feel good that I’ve armed my kids [who are now 18 and 20] to go into the world and pursue healthy eating.

Read “Bringing Back the Family Dinner, One Tasty Cauliflower Recipe at a Time” at


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