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Publisher’s Weekly Q&A with Laurie David


Laurie sat down with Publisher’s Weekly for a Q&A on The Family Cooks, her new documentary film Fed Up, and the ways parents can encourage healthy eating habits in their kids. As she explains:

In my cookbook, recipes that kids can make or participate in have a “K” coding. It gets them involved in the process, gives them a lot of pride, and is a great way to get them to eat better. I also encourage the idea of Home-Cooked Sundays. If we do a little bit on Sunday to get ourselves prepared for cooking all week, we stack the cards in favor of a healthy week. Buy your groceries, make the quinoa, prepare the kale. Peel carrots, onion, and garlic and store them in glass jars in the fridge. I love the idea of assigning members of the family different weekly tasks, then switching all the jobs for the next week. When you cook together, you model healthy habits. There’s no better place for amazing bonding time than in the kitchen. To cook, you need both hands. You can’t text with one hand and chop a carrot with the other.

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