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PBS Parents’ Kitchen Explorers Interview


I spoke with Aviva Goldfarb, who runs a great company called The Six O’Clock Scramble that provides inspiration for quick and healthy dinners. Talking to Aviva for the PBS Parents’ Kitchen Explorers site, and sharing Kirstin’s delicious recipe for Soy Good Maple-Glazed Salmon, reminded me how much I love to take field trips to ethnic markets.

Please check out my interview with Aviva at, and of course Kirstin’s recipe for Soy Good Maple-Glazed Salmon.

LINK » “Savor Family Dinner with Author Laurie David” at PBS Parents’ Kitchen Explorers

LINK » Soy Good Maple-Glazed Salmon Recipe (from “The Family Dinner”)


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  1. Aviva Goldfarb says:

    Laurie, thanks so much for taking the time to share your insights with all the parents over at PBS Parents Kitchen Explorers. We love your book and are counting on many good things to come from its lessons.

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