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We are very excited about the media interest in the “Family Dinner” book. Last week Laurie conducted an interview with Marie Claire magazine, and this week she has a scheduled interview with The Times of London.

On November 3rd, Laurie will be in New York taping a television segment with Martha Stewart (set to air on November 5th), and the following day Nov. 4th, she will be appearing live on the NBC Today Show (during the 8am hour) and on ABC’s The View (at 11am). Be sure to tune in!


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  1. Valerie from ATL says:

    Haven’t gotten thru the whole book yet but already LOVE it! Last night we came up with our family motto … LIVE HARD SLEEP WELL (brainstormed by my 10 year old!) What a great holiday gift for all the moms in your life…it should come with Post-its to mark the many pages you’ll want to refer to over and over again…

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