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“The Family Cooks” is an IACP Cookbook Award Finalist


We’re thrilled “The Family Cooks” has been announced as a finalist for an IACP Cookbook Award. The awards from IACP (The International Association of Culinary Professionals) are considered the gold standard among cookbook awards.

“The Family Cooks” was nominated in the Children, Youth and Family category. Winners will be announced on March 29 during IACP’s 37th annual conference in Washington, D.C.

For a complete list of this year’s awards finalists, click here.

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The Superfood Salad in People Magazine


People magazine shared out recipe for Crunchy Kale and Quinoa Salad with readers in the December 29th edition. Give yourself a health boost with this easy to make dish. Quinoa is full of protein, the kale leaves are full of fiber, and the dried berries are packed with antioxidants. Many thanks to People for encouraging healthy eating.

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Cookbooks365: 10 Cookbooks That Changed the Way We Cooked in 2014


We’re honored Cooksbook365 have chosen “The Family Cooks” as one of their “10 Cookbooks That Changed the Way We Cooked in 2014″. Their review of the book makes us smile:

“I love this cookbook for its stop overthinking it and just get cooking attitude. Cook with your kids, have fun doing it, then eat as a family and enjoy each other’s company! Any more questions? I find myself coming back to these recipes again and again, and I’m never disappointed (nor is my daughter, who would like the beans and toast every night, thank-you very much). Sometimes I page through just reading, with no plans of actually cooking, because the outright friendly tone makes me cheerful. It’s like spending time with my besties, and leaves a smile on my face every time.”

We’re also honored to be in such fine company, as the other cookbooks they selected are some of our favorites too. Of course we’d love it if you picked up extra copies of “The Family Cooks” for friends this holiday gift season, but no one can have too much inspiration in the kitchen.

Check out “10 Cookbooks That Changed the Way We Cooked in 2014″ from Cookbooks365.

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Laurie Featured in Cherry Bombe Magazine


Cherry Bombe, a beautifully designed biannual magazine 
that celebrates women and food, has a feature written by Laurie in the most recent Spring/Summer edition (Issue #3).

In the piece “Cook or Be Cooked,” Laurie explains why we all need to reclaim mealtime:

“Americans eat 31 percent more packaged food than fresh food. Half of all meals are eaten outside the home, often in chain restaurants or fast food joints where concepts like farm-to-table or local, fresh, and organic do not exist. What we do know is that these processed foods are making us sick in record numbers, thanks to all their chemicals, dyes, and hidden sugars. Of the 600,000 items found in any given supermarket, 80 percent are laced with added sugar.”

Pick up the latest issue of the magazine to read the full article. Cherry Bombe is available at select bookstores,
 magazine shops and boutiques, and by subscription.

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Laurie Chats with The Chalkboard


Laurie recently spoke with wellness and lifestyle site The Chalkboard about the documentary Fed Up and the dangers of sugar consumption:

“When I first learned the truth about sugar, I went through my cabinets and was surprised by how much added sugar was in products even I thought were healthy. One big change was rethinking breakfast. Goodbye cereal, hello avocado toast!  It is important to remember, however, that there is a safe threshold for sugar – for men it’s about nine teaspoons and for women it’s about six teaspoons.  And while we should save a sugary dessert for special occasions, we also don’t need to deprive ourselves – dessert can be delicious in-season fruit.”

Check out “Sugar, Sugar: An Interview with Laurie David On Her New Doc, Fed Up” at The Chalkboard.

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