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Whole Grain, Fruit and Nut Porridge


Porridge is hip! That is, the new and crunchy, fruity, whole grain, fill up your belly with sunshine and power kind. The rest of the world is eating fantastic cooked grains for breakfast (and sometimes lunch and dinner) garnished with all sorts of amazing toppings, and we are still just slurping the sweet gluey powder from a package (more commonly called “oatmeal” in the US). I say rise and shine to the whole grain homemade porridge!

So here is a recipe for a batch of porridge, make it on a weekend and you have enough for a couple of days. To save time in the morning, you start it the night before. The next day, just slide the pot on the stove, put out a few toppings your family can mix and match with, and get ready to meet the world with energy and sunshine.

You need

2 cups steel cut oats, (I use Bobs Red Mill, it is toasted and doesn’t need to be cooked as long)
1 cup brown rice cereal
1 cup pre-rinsed quinoa (like Ancient Harvest Quinoa)
½ cup golden flax seeds (whole)
2 tablespoons chia seeds (optional)
½ cup slivered almonds
½ cup sliced dried apricots
¾ cup chopped dried apples
¼ teaspoon salt
A dash of spice, today it can be cinnamon, tomorrow cardamom and ginger

To make:

Combine all the ingredients and store in a pretty glass jar in the fridge (label it “Breakfast for My Champions”).

The night before: For each serving pour ¼ cup grains and 1 cup water, into a small pot (to make it creamier and add protein use milk or nut milk). Simmer for 4-5 minutes. Take the pot off the stove, let it cool, then put it covered in the fridge so it can chill out until the sun rises.

Breakfast morning: Put the pot on the stove so it can simmer for at least 5 minutes. During those 5 minutes make yourself a pot of tea, put spoons, bowls and porridge toppings on the table. Sing out Breeeeakfast!

Tasty toppings for porridge:

* Bananas
* Chopped apples
* Maple syrup
* Diced mangoes
* Dried fruit
* Apple sauce
* Brown rice crispies
* Granola
* Nut butter
* Toasted nuts
* Nutella (only on Sundays, and maybe you don’t want to go there)

By the way… porridge can be invited for dinner too, cheap and cheerful, perfect for a Meatless Monday!



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  1. Oooh! I regularly make overnight steel-cut oatmeal, but hadn’t considered adding all of these other cereals and seeds. Can’t wait to try your version!

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