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Homemade Hot Chocolate


A nisse is a tiny little Scandinavian person, oh, about knee high. They are awfully naughty if you don’t treat them right. They wear red pointy hats, home knitted socks and are most often playing tricks around Christmas time. Although few humans have ever seen a nisse, I think a sighting of my tiny nephew Elias is pretty close. Don’t you just want to scoop him up with a big hug and then give him a cup of hot chocolate? Actually don’t we all need a cup?

So let’s make some homemade hot chocolate. It does not have the weird ingredients you find in the stuff in the little envelopes… because weird ingredients would make a little nisse very naughty.

Remember on days you don’t have time to sit down for dinner with each other…grab the moments together you can, and if that is having a cup of hot cocoa together, that is pretty nice moment too.

You need:

4 Tablespoons Dutch process cocoa (dutch process is less bitter)
3-4 Tablespoons sugar or honey
A tiny pinch of salt
3 tablespoons water
2 cups milk (low-fat milk makes it taste chocolatier, higher fat will be creamier)
A drop of vanilla

To Make (2 big mugs, or 4 small nisse cups)

In a little pot, mix the cocoa, sugar and salt, slowly add the water, mixing until the cocoa is lump free. Pour in the milk and heat on the stove until simmering, whisking vigorously now and then, add the vanilla and serve in a mug with a hug.

Sweet tips to make a nisse happy:
* Add a peanut butter cup to each mug,
* Put a bowl of softly whipped cream on the side
* Add a pinch of cinnamon
* Use a peppermint stick to stir with
* A few floaty marshmallows

And on special cold nights and days that have been a bit troublesome. Make a hot chocolate bar with all the toppings in bowls and a pitcher of hot chocolate on the side. Then all will be warm and well for a while.



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