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Bonfire Hobo Dinners


Here is another of our “participation dinners,” the kind of dinner that everyone gets to “cook” themselves, but this time you get to do it outdoors! And it’s also one of our non-recipe recipes, meaning that you can use what you have in the amounts you’d like to make this idea work.  

The stars of this dinner are the potatoes and sausage covered with melting cheese, everything else is up to you and your cupboard. I have made suggestions, but pick your own favorite vegetables, as long as they can cook in less than 10 minutes.

And if you want this to be vegetarian, no problem, just add some chickpeas or tofu as protein instead. (By the way, how about an Indian hobo package, with potatoes, chickpeas, spinach and onions, topped with chutney and yoghurt.)

You Need

1 medium potato per person, boiled until tender, then cubed
1 cooked sausage per person, sliced (we love chicken sausage, but use what you like)
Some cubed cheese (sharp cheddar is good)
A few sliced onions
1 quarter corn per person (just snap each corn into four)
Some baby tomatoes
Some cubed zucchini
Sliced roasted peppers from a jar
Some roasted garlic
Little sliced pickles
Mustard for you, ketchup for the kids

To Make

Light a fire or some coals and let it burn down until glowing without flames (like for s’mores).

Put all the ingredients in bowls along a log, or atop a picnic table.

Give everyone a large piece of tin foil, and a smaller piece of parchment paper (or just oil the foil well).

Now everyone puts their favorite ingredients in the center of the parchment paper lined foil. Then wrap it all up into a little hobo package and, this is important, write your name on it with a sharpie.

Put it in the embers and… be a little patient, play some games, tell a ghost story, wait at least 10 minutes… you want the potatoes hot, the cheese melting and the sausage just right. Enjoy!

For dessert? S’mores of course!


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4 Responses

  1. Tiffany says:

    Can you do this on a regular grill? That’s all we have available.

    • Kirstin says:

      Absolutely, just don’t let the grill get too hot… you can even do this in your oven (350º) on a cold spring night… and make a batch of indoors s’mores as well!

  2. The garden lover! says:

    Love this idea,super!

  3. please my palate says:

    I love this idea

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