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Rainbow Couscous Salad


There’s been a lot of discussion regarding the health risks inherent in feeding our children foods that contain a variety of toxic food colors and dyes. We love color on our plates, just not the artificial kind. This The Kids Cook Monday recipe is a winner on a number of fronts: it’s easy to make, it’s fun for even the youngest kids to help in the preparations, it can be served at lunch or dinner, with or without meat/chicken/shrimp, and it’s colorful WITHOUT anything fake and dangerous going into our children’s bodies!  

The color in this aptly named “Rainbow Couscous” dish comes from a variety of fruits, veggies and cheeses: dried cranberries, carrots, feta, mint and more. And actually, that’s another great thing about this dish — you can modify the additions based on what’s in season and what your family likes best. Once again, this healthy, quick and easy recipe comes to The Kids Cook Monday from Julie Negrin and her book, “Easy Meals to Cook with Kids.”

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