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After School Snack Ideas


Sometimes we don’t have to chase happiness, we just have to pause and let it catch up to us. — J. Sacks

Here are some tasty after-school snack ideas:

* Sliced apples, caramel, Parmesan cheese and whole wheat crackers. Dip the apples and the cheese into the caramel. Serve with hot or cold apple juice.

* Graham crackers and peanut butter. Add a crock of honey to spread on top. Oranges cut into wedges. Serve with fresh fruit juice.

* Pretzels with mustard and cream cheese with chives. Celery sticks too. Hot apple cider to serve along side.

* Sliced turkey with sliced cheese. Wrap them within large lettuce leaves. Dijon mustard or lowfat dressing to dip the wraps in. Serve with herbal tea, iced or hot.

* Fresh strawberries to dip into vanilla yoghurt and brown sugar. Serve with chamomile tea.

* Pita chips, celery and carrots. Perhaps a bell pepper and a cucumber too. Some humus and tatziki for dipping. Mint tea.

* Fill ice cream cones with vanilla yoghurt, top with chopped strawberries and slivered almonds.

* Crunchy celery sticks, tops left on. Carrots, peeled and left whole. Thai peanut sauce and Asian crackers. Jasmine tea.

* Hot chocolate bar. Only for special days when nothing seems to have gone right. A pitcher of hot chocolate, some mugs, and a few bowls of whipped cream, sliced oranges, chocolate kisses, and of course marshmallows.


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