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We asked our busy parent friends what their quick fix dinners are when they are really busy. Here are a few of their favorites — take them, use them and please share some of your own!

The Joy of Broccoli: We take steamed broccoli and chop it really really fine. Throw it in a pan with some olive oil and a little butter. Keep stirring until browned. Season with salt and pepper. Cheese is good to add too. Mmm yum. Hot or cold kids beg to take left overs to school. — Libbie Lane

Our last name is Henry and we make “Henry Salad.” Everyone gets to pick out something to put in the salad, and everyone has a job. My husband and son wash and cut veggies. I deal with cutting the meat, eggs, bacon, or whatever, and my daughter with special needs likes to put the dishes, salad dressing, napkins, etc. on the table. That keeps her busy, and she gets to help too! — Debbie, Gracie and Calebs mom

We do BBQ salmon a lot. I just pour barbecue sauce over salmon and broil in the oven for 15 minutes. For sides, I cut a potato and a an eggplant into flat slices, cover with italian dressing and put in the oven below the salmon. Then you have veggie, potato and fish. The eggplant and potato end up looking pretty similar so my son will usually just dip both in ketchup and not realize he’s eating a veggie. — Julie Lewin

Please share your favorite Quick Fixes. And for more quick fix ideas check out the “Fast recipes” chapter in “The Family Dinner” book.


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