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Cooking With Kids


Summer is a perfect time to get the kids involved with cooking, as it always seems to take a little longer to get things done with little ones underfoot. Without the homework and carpools and schedules of the school year, the summer provides an opportune setting to take it a little slower in the kitchen and involve your kids. Here are a few suggestions that we use to make our time cooking with kids a bit more successful. Hope that these serve as a good reminder!

1. Pick your own 20 second hand washing song (like Happy Birthday) and make it a ritual to sing it while washing before cooking.

2. Give your child their own apron. (And put yours on too! Makes cooking a bit more fun, doesn’t it?)

3. Repeat your safety talk on sharp knives and hot stoves.

4. Let the kids help pick the menu. This definitely empowers them to enjoy cooking and to try new foods as well. Start with simple recipes featuring ingredients they like. (We love the feature on that allows you to search for recipes that include some ingredients but don’t include others! Helps those of us with children who have more discerning palates!)

5. Create a kid-friendly work space. Bring over step stools for the counter or perhaps cook at the table (that could be the perfect counter height for a little person!)

6. Talk about the ingredients. Where do those veggies come from? How do they grow?

7. Have fun! Put on some music, put on crazy chef hats, enjoy yourselves!

For some good recipes for cooking with kids, check out The Kids Cook Monday.


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