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Homemade Greek Yogurt


If your supermarket doesn’t carry Greek yogurt, here’s a little trick to make your own at home from regular yogurt.

You Need

One large carton of plain, low fat organic yogurt
Cheese cloth (or jumbo coffee filter)

To Make

Line a colander with 4 layers of cheese cloth or one of those jumbo coffee filters. Put the colander in a bowl.

Pour in a large carton of plain, low fat organic yogurt (or full fat if you want a super treat). Stick it in the fridge. That is it! After 2 hours it will be as thick as sour cream. Leave it a few hours longer and you will end up with a texture similar to cream cheese.

Now the fun starts. Fold in your own fresh fruit for breakfast, or serve it for dessert with honey and toasted almonds, or strawberries scented with a little rose water. Or how about folding in frozen apples that have been grated and tossed with a little honey and lemon juice?

You can also go the savory route, using it for dips and spreads, folding in chopped chives, basil and a little salt for an herb dip, or chopped cucumbers and mint for tzatziki.


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