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Italian Wedding Soup 


“Italian Wedding Soup” sounds like something a grown-up would like; “Spaghetti and Meatball Soup” sounds just like something a kid would love. So I think you should call this soup whatever name works for your family, just know that it is very easy to make and very delicious in your bowl, no matter what your age is.

You need:

For the meatballs:
10 ounces turkey sausage
2 tablespoons parmesan cheese
½ cup milk
1 egg
1 thick slice bread crumbled
1 tablespoon vinegar

For the soup:
1 cup onions or leeks chopped
3 cloves garlic, chopped
½ cup chopped carrots
½ cup chopped celery
1 cup diced tomatoes, fresh or canned
6 cups chicken stock
A handful of greens (like spinach, escarole or kale)
2 tablespoons chopped fresh herbs (like dill, parsley or basil)
8 ounces of your favorite noodle shape (I used pappardelle)
Salt and red pepper to taste
Extra Parmesan cheese to sprinkle (optional)

To make 8 servings:

First you get to make the meatballs. Soak the crumbled bread with the milk, egg, vinegar and Parmesan cheese for 5 minutes or until completely soft. Mix in the sausage well, then form into small walnut shaped balls. Put the meatballs on an oiled baking sheet and pop them under the broiler until they brown, then flip them and brown on the other side … about 4 minutes a side (it is O.K. if they are not completely cooked).

In your soup pot, sauté the onions and garlic until golden. Add the carrots, celery and tomatoes and sauté for about 4 minutes until the tomatoes are starting to lose their moisture and fall apart. Add the stock and meatballs, simmer for 15 minutes, then add the noodles and greens and cook until the pasta is done.

Taste! Does it need more salt or pepper? How about a teaspoon of vinegar?

Serve in big bowls and pass the Parmesan cheese.



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  1. This looks delicious! Thank you. It’s a fun idea to “spin” the name for different audiences too, although I think my children would think that Italian wedding soup sounds quite glamorous!

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