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Slow Down Time Pear Cider


May is almost here!  Where does the time go? It runs away, leaving us behind wishing we had grabbed it with a firmer hold. One of the best ways we know how to hold on to it is just by sitting down with each other. We know that in the midst of all the after school activities, SAT preparations and sports, and our own busy lives, dinner sometimes gets lost.

So we suggest grabbing table time whenever you can. For example, right when the kids come home from school. Usually they are starving and need a break before moving on with the rest of their day. Put a few chairs around a snack, warm up a batch of pear cider, sit down and ask, “If you had three perfect spring days off, what would you do with them?” (that works better than “what did you learn in school today?”) A little down time and some time to escape is good for everyone.

Slow Down Time Pear Cider only takes 6 1/2 minutes to make. Using whole spices will keep your cider from becoming cloudy, however if all you have is ground spices whether they be cinnamon, all spice or apple-pie spice, start by adding a 1/4 teaspoon of each, taste and when you think it is just perfect, it is!


1 32-ounce bottle of pear juice
2 cinnamon sticks
6 whole cloves
3 whole cardamom pods*, crushed (optional, but very good, you could also substitute with 6 whole allspice berries*)
⅛ teaspoon salt
3 slices of orange

* both are found in the spice rack at your grocery store

Combine all the ingredients in a small pot, bring to a simmer… strain into mugs garnished with a cinnamon stick. 

A few after-school snack suggestions:

* Sliced apples with honey and parmesan cheese
* Whole wheat crackers
* Pretzels with mustard and cream cheese with chives (celery sticks too) 
* Sliced turkey with sliced swiss cheese (wrap them within large lettuce leaves and use Dijon mustard and Thousand Island dressing to dip the wraps in)
* Crunchy celery sticks, tops left on
* Carrots, peeled and left whole
* Thai peanut sauce and Asian rice crackers
* Graham crackers and peanut butter (add a crock of honey to spread on top)
* Oranges cut into wedges



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