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Cheese-It Chicken with Cranberry Green Beans

Cheese It Chicken with Cranberry Green Beans 1

With all the business of Easter, Passover and spring break behind us now, it’s a great time to get back into normal routines. And Monday is always a perfect day to start the week off with some fun and healthy cooking with the kids in the kitchen.

Today, our friends at The Kids Cook Monday are featuring a fun, cheese-cracker-crusted chicken (try saying that quickly 10x while you’re cooking with the kids!) with a side of cranberry green beans & carrots — green string beans, yellow wax beans, orange carrots, red cranberries. (So brightly colored and pretty… and with no dyes.) For the cheese crackers, if you have one close by, Whole Foods has crackers that are not only organic, but your kids will definitely love as they are shaped like little ducks! (and aptly named “quack n bites”)!

The Kids Cook Monday is also featuring Laurie’s video on 5 Family Food Rules. It was posted here a few weeks ago, but if you haven’t watched it yet, it’s a great time to check it out!

And if you missed it, this week’s Huffington Post Dinner Download is a good conversation starter and relevant to everybody. It asks about dinner conversation and what’s appropriate at your table on a normal dinner night vs. a night when the extended family is there for a holiday meal. Is the conversation different? Are certain topics off-limits? And what about those special family stories? Heard any good ones lately?

LINK » Cheese-It Chicken with Cranberry Green Beans, at The Kids Cook Monday



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  1. I love easy but healthy meals going to make this for tomorrow’s dinner.thanks!!!

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