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Spinach Ricotta Pasta


Another Monday, another great opportunity to start the week off right – cooking with your kids and eating with your family!  This week’s featured recipe from our friends at The Kids Cook Monday is a Spinach Ricotta Pasta that is soooooo easy to make, you won’t really believe that you can make something that tastes so good in such a short time. And with so few ingredients too! In fact,  you’re likely to have all of these ingredients on hand. The kids will love mixing up the ricotta and spinach while you’re boiling the pasta (and that’s basically all you need to do to make this dish). Throw together a simple salad and voila… dinner’s on the table.

Patrice at Circle B Kitchen provided this recipe to The Kids Cook Monday. Check out her site too, she has lots of other quick and easy recipes there as well.

If you haven’t already talked about last week’s HuffPost Dinner Download, try it out once you’re at the table. The most recent download was about the Oxford English Dictionary’s decision to add internet lexicon — you know, acronyms like OMG, IMHO, BFF — to this well established English source. But do these acronyms (and even the heart sign?) belong in the OED?

And if you’ve already discussed that download, then pull out the good ol’ family dinner standby. Pretend you’re at the White House and do what the Obamas do at their family dinners: Talk about your “rose” (a good thing that happened) and your “thorn” (the low moment or a tough problem) of the day. Here’s hoping that cooking with your kids and sitting down with your family is your rose.

LINK » Spinach Ricotta Pasta recipe, at The Kids Cook Monday



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