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Black Bean & Corn Salad


Last Monday, we told you about a fabulous new effort called “The Kids Cook Monday”. The goal of this campaign, started by the same people who brought us Meatless Mondays, is to encourage families to set aside the first day of the week as a day to cook and eat dinner together. To help with that goal, the “The Kids Cook Monday” site will be featuring new, family-friendly recipes every week. Inspiration in the form of new recipes is always helpful! As our friend Aviva Goldfarb of The Scramble says, (and this is a bit paraphrased), “It’s not always the actual cooking of dinner that’s the biggest hurdle, more often it’s the deciding what to make that’s the hard part.”  

This week’s recipe is from certified nutritionist and cooking instructor, Julie Negrin. It’s a versatile, zesty Black Bean and Corn Salad which can be served over grains or salad greens, in tortillas, or as a dip with baked pita chips. We love the look of this salad and are already picturing it next to a quesadilla on our plates tonight.  

We’re not surprised that Julie would bring us a recipe that can easily involve kids in the kitchen. That’s because she has a whole cookbook full of them! “Easy Meals to Cook with Kids” is the title of Julie’s cookbook and it’s full of family-friendly recipes for adults who want to cook with children. And don’t we all want to try sometimes, especially on a Kids Cook Monday day? It features nutritious, ethnic dishes that are sophisticated enough for grown-up palates yet simple enough for young chefs to prepare, such as Poppin’ Edamame Salad, On-the-Go Frittata Squares and Mini Black Bean Burgers. Julie has a great website too and just last week, much to our heart’s delight, wrote a great blog piece about family dinners. You can check it out at

And, if once you get dinner on the table tonight, you find your family a bit stalled for conversation, try out some of these simple conversation starters good for kids of all ages:
• What was one thing that made you happy today?
• What was one thing that you wish you could’ve changed about today?
• Fill in the blank: I wish…
• What are you looking forward to, or not looking forward to, tomorrow?

As always, please keep us posted! We love to hear about your family dinners — what you’re making, who you’re making it with, what you’re talking about, and how you’re doing with it all!

LINK » The Kids Cook Monday Recipe: Black Bean and Corn Salad



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