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The Kids Cook Monday: Carrot Soup with Spinach Pesto


Carrots are sautéed sweet then pureed into a creamy soup and accented with crunchy spinach pesto on top. Kids will have fun designing every bowl with their own unique pesto swirl. This recipe comes to us from Alysa Bajenaru of Inspired RD.

For the full recipe for Carrot Soup with Spinach Pesto, visit The Kids Cook Monday.

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Miso-Glazed Black Cod


Fancy chefs make this fancy fish in fancy restaurants, but it’s so easy you can make it in your own kitchen. Sweet, savory miso glaze is good on almost any fish, so if salmon or mahi-mahi are your favorites, go ahead and use them instead. The fish gets better if you can marinate it overnight, but if all you have is 30 minutes, you will still be very happy. Serve with steamed vegetables and a bowl of rice.

This recipe makes 4 servings. Prep time is 45 minutes; broiling time is 6 to 8 minutes…

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Cooking Tip: Speed the Cooking of Beans and Grains


Ever notice that cooking beans or grains sometimes feels like it is taking forever? That is probably because it really is taking forever. They aren’t done yet are they? And I bet on other days, when you are not watching, your beans/grains cook in half the time they usually do, don’t they? Blame the variables that we are not in control of, such as whether the plant grew during a dry or wet year and how long the item sat on the shelf.

That said, there are a few things you can do to speed up your pot of seeds. Soak both beans and hard grains overnight. This hastens the cooking and it also allows especially hard grains to “plump up” nicer. If you know you have hard water, add a touch of baking soda to the cooking water. Acid (tomatoes, vinegar, molasses) can prolong the cooking time, so add it at the end. And most importantly use the cooking times on the packages as suggestions only, start testing the beans/grains long before you think they are done, until they are done.

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Roasted Red Onion Flowers

for Lauri David's Cookbook, "Family Cooks."

These roasted red onion flowers are a beautiful hors d’oeuvre or side dish, crisp on the outside and sweet on the inside. They’re perfect served with a bit of toast and a glass of rosé as a reward for a long day harvesting…

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