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Recipe for a Tabletop Terrarium


Terrariums are perfect little worlds in the middle of your dinner table. Whether it is faraway jungle with miniature orchids and moss, or southern desert, sparse with a few rocks and succulents, you are the creator and get to decide.

Be inventive with the vessel… you probably have some clear glass vases or a small forgotten aquarium somewhere. Maybe you have moss or succulents growing in your garden. If not, your local nursery will be able to help you pick plants that are happy to be part of your project.

Make sure that the plants you pick, all like the same amount of light and water. Once the plants are in, don’t stop there… have some fun, add a few rocks and you know those plastic dinosaurs you keep stepping on? Now they have a jungle to call home. This is what we call making a centerpiece a conversation piece.

You need:

A clear glass vessel (like vases of any shape or size, small aquariums, vintage water pitchers and bottles)
A layer of pebbles
A layer of potting soil
Little plants, like moss, mini orchids, succulents, bamboo, baby trees

Optional additions:

Make it a farm with little cows and sheep figurines
Add treasures you have found on walks, like interesting branches, rocks or seed pods
Find vintage model train figurines at flea markets or online

To make your own little world

First, carefully fill the bottom with the pebbles (don’t let any fall into your garbage disposal like I did, ugh), then add about an inch of of potting soil.

Tuck in the plants, start with the larger ones and arrange the rest around them. Chopsticks and kitchen tongs are useful tools to do this. Sprinkle with water. Wipe the inside and outside of the glass clean. As it storms outside, enjoy your indoor garden.


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