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Storing Fresh Vegetables

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We are big fans of in-season, farm fresh vegetables. But how to clean and store the produce to keep it at its best?

There are different opinions as to whether you should wash your produce first or not. Washing can bruise the produce making it susceptible to spoiling sooner. Unless you are going to use the produce immediately, my recommendation would be to gently brush off any dirt and store in the fridge in separate bags or containers until ready to use, then wash well.

If you choose to wash produce before storage, be sure to thoroughly dry it with a clean paper or dish towel. Wrap salad greens in paper towels before putting them in bags. Never wash berries until you are ready to eat them.

As far as herbs go, herbs love to be treated like flowers, so put them in a vase, and beautify the interior of your fridge with them, unless it is basil, they don’t like the cold, so keep them in a vase on your counter.


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