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A Little Love in a Jar


We all have traditions for Thanksgiving and Christmas, but why not create family dinner traditions for other holidays as well? What better time to show your children the love than Valentine’s Day? It’s easy and fun to make a dinner comprised solely of Valentine-hued foods. Here’s a sample Valentine’s Day menu that the kids are sure to LOVE!

• Appetizer: Pita cut like hearts dipped into pretty fuschia beet hummus.

• Spaghetti with pink sauce (Simply mix some cream or nonfat condensed milk into your favorite pasta sauce to make it pink.)

• Roasted cauliflower (a little olive oil and salt tossed with cauliflower and roasted for 30 minutes at 400 degrees)

• Red leaf lettuce salad with pomegranate seeds

• “A Little Love in a Jar” (See the recipe below.)

These are obviously just examples and all are super quick and easy to make. Decorate the table with a Valentine’s Day table cloth and sprinkle conversation hearts around. (You know we love conversation at the table!) And…if you really want to have a great photo op, have everyone wear clothing from the red/pink/white palette as well. The kids may grumble a little about changing for dinner, but they’ll love the picture of the whole family dressed for Valentines Day!

“A Little Love in a Jar”

Here is a valentine in a jar; make a big one for a party or sweet little ones to put lids on and bring on a winter picnic.

You Need (for one medium sized jar):

3 cups whipping cream
1 tablespoon vanilla
1 10-ounce bag frozen raspberries, drained
1 cup raspberry jam
1 4-ounce chocolate bar, chopped
2 pints fresh strawberries, sliced
2 tablespoons brown sugar
1 9-ounce box lemon or vanilla wafer cookies, crushed

To Make

Whip the cream until it has firm peaks. Then divide into two bowls. Gently fold the raspberries and jam into one batch of whipped cream, and the chocolate bits into the other. Mix the strawberries with the brown sugar.

Now comes the fun part! Layer the ingredients in tall jumbo jars or small jelly jars…whippedcreamcookiesstrawberries…all the way to the top. Enjoy!


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