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Why Are The Girl Scouts Getting Into the Sugar Bomb Beverage Business?


The beverage story that really shocked me this week was Nestlé’s launch of two hyper-sweetened Nesquik® chocolate milk drinks based on much-loved Girl Scout cookie flavors. Each 16-ounce bottle of Nesquik® Girl Scouts® Thin Mints® or Nesquik® Girl Scouts® Caramel Coconut contains a whopping 48 grams of sugar. That’s twelve teaspoons of liquid sugar, about three to four times the safe amount for a child’s entire day…

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The Food Integrity Campaign

The Government Accountability Project is working to keep the food system honest, by supporting a community of advocates and whistleblowers to safeguard our food.

This new video details the community effort needed to keep our food safe. Watch and share.

Get involved at

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“Dear Surgeon General: We’re Fed Up, Let’s Act on Sugar”


Gretchen Goldman, lead analyst in the Center for Science and Democracy at the Union of Concerned Scientists decide to take the Fed Up Challenge and learned that sugar hides everywhere (see “The 56 Names of Sugar” graphic).

Recognizing we need food policies to make food choices easier, she is calling on the Surgeon General to tackle the issue head-on:

“Increasing scientific evidence demonstrates health risks associated with sugar over-consumption, but we need a strong scientific voice to sound the alarm and open the door that enables us to better address this growing public health threat. That’s why we are joining other scientists, public health officials, and citizens in asking the Surgeon General to conduct a comprehensive report on the health effects of added sugar, and issue a Call to Action to encourage health policies that curb added sugar consumption.”

Read “Dear Surgeon General: We’re Fed Up, Let’s Act on Sugar” and send your own message to the Surgeon General on the overload of sugar in our diet.

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Kris Carr Interviews Laurie: “7 Reasons to be Fed Up & Ready to Change our Food System”


Get insights into the importance of embracing home cooked meals, eating as a family and becoming a confident cook. Laurie also has tips for becoming a smart shopper, including the need to complain about the “traps” at the grocery store:

“Everywhere you look, junk and sugary candy and drinks, sodas, are screaming at you from the shelves. If you go down the dairy aisle you’re not escaping it … It’s absolutely infuriating. … Start complaining to the store managers wherever you shop. One of the things I’m hoping is that people start to see this and they start to get pissed because it’s disgusting. It’s not right. Put the stuff in one place in the corner, and if I want it I’ll go find it.”

Listen to “7 Reasons to be Fed Up & Ready to Change our Food System” at

You may also download a transcript (PDF) of the interview.

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Microwaves Zap Family Dinner


Do not underestimate the power of your microwave oven to be a menacing influence on your family’s togetherness.

The invention of the microwave has spawned a multi-billion dollar industry of prepackaged, processed, less nutritious, “convenient” food. No need for a home-cooked meal with fresh ingredients. Now everyone can grab his or her own individual meal and zap away, eating alone or on the run.

To be fair, microwaves do make life a little easier when time is of the essence, but it’s crucial not to allow them to keep you from sharing healthy, home-cooked meals with your family often. In just the past three years, microwave use has gone up 20 percent, at a time when we need to be more focused on quality family time and nutrition like never before.

Make sure you’re the boss of the microwave in your home!

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