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Send a Message to Girl Scouts USA and Nestlé


As I wrote about last week (“Why are the Girl Scouts Getting into the Sugar Bomb Beverage Business?”), the Girl Scouts have partnered with Nestlé to market a super sugary drink to young children.

You can help send a message to Girl Scouts USA and Nestlé to stop marketing sugary drinks to children by signing a petition created at by mother of four and Girl Scout Troop Leader Monica Serratos. As Monica explains:

“If Girl Scouts continues to partner with companies that market sugary foods/drinks to children, our future generations will surely suffer. We will continue to see a rise in childhood obesity, diabetes and poor health for our children. If Girl Scouts of the USA does not pull these sugar-loaded drinks from the shelves, our children will endure the consequences not only today, but in their future as well. We will see our children grow up with bad habits and poor food choices that we could have prevented.”

Sign the petition now.


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