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“Dear Surgeon General: We’re Fed Up, Let’s Act on Sugar”


Gretchen Goldman, lead analyst in the Center for Science and Democracy at the Union of Concerned Scientists decide to take the Fed Up Challenge and learned that sugar hides everywhere (see “The 56 Names of Sugar” graphic).

Recognizing we need food policies to make food choices easier, she is calling on the Surgeon General to tackle the issue head-on:

“Increasing scientific evidence demonstrates health risks associated with sugar over-consumption, but we need a strong scientific voice to sound the alarm and open the door that enables us to better address this growing public health threat. That’s why we are joining other scientists, public health officials, and citizens in asking the Surgeon General to conduct a comprehensive report on the health effects of added sugar, and issue a Call to Action to encourage health policies that curb added sugar consumption.”

Read “Dear Surgeon General: We’re Fed Up, Let’s Act on Sugar” and send your own message to the Surgeon General on the overload of sugar in our diet.


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