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Kris Carr Interviews Laurie: “7 Reasons to be Fed Up & Ready to Change our Food System”


Wellness activist and best-selling author Kris Carr recently spoke with Laurie about the film “Fed Up” and ways to change our eating habits and food system.

Get insights into the importance of embracing home cooked meals, eating as a family and becoming a confident cook. Laurie also has tips for becoming a smart shopper, including the need to complain about the “traps” at the grocery store:

“Everywhere you look, junk and sugary candy and drinks, sodas, are screaming at you from the shelves. If you go down the dairy aisle you’re not escaping it … It’s absolutely infuriating. … Start complaining to the store managers wherever you shop. One of the things I’m hoping is that people start to see this and they start to get pissed because it’s disgusting. It’s not right. Put the stuff in one place in the corner, and if I want it I’ll go find it.”

Listen to “7 Reasons to be Fed Up & Ready to Change our Food System” at

You may also download a transcript (PDF) of the interview.


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