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Today’s Food System: All Drugged Up

The excessive and reckless use of antibiotics on farm animals is a serious threat to public health. As Laurie writes at The Huffington Post:

“Hidden in your hamburger or smoked ham may be something you didn’t want or expect on the menu — antibiotic-resistant superbugs. Instead of protecting you from infectious diseases, antibiotics might simply be making you sick. Just last month, the FDA confirmed that 80 percent of all antibiotics used in the U.S. go to animal agriculture. No joke, 80 percent! This is true insanity and scientists fear that this extreme overuse of antibiotics is putting our children, elderly and families at serious risk.”

Read the rest of Laurie’s HuffPost article:

LINK » Laurie David: “Today’s Food System: All Drugged Up” @ The Huffington Post


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