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Laurie’s Lazy Latkes

Potato Pancakes

Patty caked onto a baking sheet and tossed into the oven. Prep time is 30 minutes; baking time is 30 minutes.

Kirstin: Let’s make cauliflower latkes!

Laurie: YES! (15 minutes of latke making goes by. Laurie is standing at the stove, frustrated)

Laurie: Whaaaaaaat? No way am I flipping 9,000 little pancakes!

Kirstin: Shhh, it’s only 30.

Laurie: Hey! Let’s just make a few huge ones and throw them in the oven! (Now I can go out and garden.)

Kirstin: (enthusiastically flapping the spatula onto the counter) YES!!! (now I don’t have to flip 9000 latkes).

And that’s how the lazy latkes were born. Serve hot with apple sauce and Greek yoghurt or sour cream…

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Grilled Cheese


There is no reason why you shouldn’t have lunch for dinner (or breakfast, for that matter). Take a look in your fridge, you probably already have the ingredients for this lunchydinner! The fun part of this dinner is that everyone gets to create their own perfect sandwich.

You simply help each other assemble the ingredients, lay them out in a festive manner (get out those platters from granny you never use), and let your family pile all their favorite cheeses and toppings on the bread. Then you “grill” them in the oven (the easiest way when you have a lot). Just make sure not to confuse whose is whose, as people get very attached to their own masterpiece…

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How Long do Eggs Last?

egg with expiration date

Many eggs have a “use by” date stamped right on them. Fresh eggs will stay good in your refrigerator for about 3 weeks past their sell-by date.

Also, eggs have a built in freshness gauge: a perfectly fresh egg, when submerged in water, will lie down on its side. As it grows older it will slowly take air onboard, so an egg that stands up is telling you it’s still edible, but its time is running short. And if it floats, there is no hope — it’s time to say bye bye eggy. By the way, the “stand up egg” is the easiest one to peel, so if you plan on making 100 deviled eggs, buy your eggs a few days in advance.

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Mus, a Danish Cookie Game


Here is a little pre-holiday gift for you, it is a Danish cookie game that must come with a warning, for there will be some shrieking, some startling and hopefully lots of laughter .

For this we usually use tiny spicy button sized cookies called peppernødder (see recipe below), but you could use any kind of small candy or cookie, even a bunch of nuts would do…

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