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Sticky Teriyaki Chicken


It will only take you 10 minutes to make this marinade. Then while the chicken is marinating for an hour, you can start the brown rice cooking, make a salad, play Go Fish, set the table and feed the hamster. Fifteen minutes before dinner time pop the chicken under the broiler, light the candles and hide all the cell phones. Ring the dinner bell…

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Free Online Course in Child Nutrition and Cooking


Maya Adam, MD, a lecturer at the Stanford School of Medicine, has created a free online course on Child Nutrition and Cooking at Coursera.

As the course description states: “Eating patterns that begin in childhood affect health and well-being across the lifespan. The culture of eating has changed significantly in recent decades, especially in parts of the world where processed foods dominate our dietary intake. This course examines contemporary child nutrition and the impact of the individual decisions made by each family.”

The course is self-paced, including about 5 hours of video and quizzes to explore why home cooking matters, and how to create a healthy kitchen.

Visit Coursera for the Child Nutrition and Cooking course.

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The Kids Cook Monday: Very Veggie Soup


This nutritious soup features veggies galore! Serve it up with crackers, croutons or a loaf of bread to round out the meal. This recipe comes to us from our social media ambassador Jory of the blog teeny tiny foodie.

Serves 4.

Cooking Tip of the Week: By chopping all of your vegetables to about the same size, they’ll cook more evenly (and be easier for tiny mouths to eat!)

Food for Thought: How long to cook vegetables depends on their density. What’s density? It’s a word that describes how hard or soft something is. Raw carrots are hard (kind of like bricks!) so they need to be cooked for awhile to allow the heat to get all the way to the middle. But vegetables like tomatoes are soft (like pillows!) and only need to cook for a few minutes.

Visit The Kids Cook Monday for the full recipe for Very Veggie Soup.

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Quick Fix: Frenchy Dinner & Eggs in Purgatory


Here are a couple of quick fix dinner ideas that prove eggs aren’t just for breakfast.

Frenchy Dinner: Crack a few eggs in a bowl, gently beat with a tablespoon or two of milk, a grind of pepper and a dash of salt. Melt a pat of butter in a pan over medium heat, turn the heat down to low, pour in the eggs and slowly stir, scraping the cooked eggs from the bottom of the pan.

When the eggs have set, sprinkle with chopped leafy herbs.

Toss a green salad with a dijon vinaigrette. Heat up a baguette and get out some cheese, Bon appétit!

Eggs in Purgatory: Warm 2 cups salsa in a small skillet. Crack 4 eggs into your skillet, cover and cook until the eggs set.

Slide onto a bed of warm tortillas, top with grated cheese, cilantro and a shake of hot sauce on the side.


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