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Farmgirl Tofu Chile Sofritas


Our friend Dana Slatkin, who blogs as the Beverly Hills Farmgirl about healthy cooking and living, has embraced the idea of “Home-Cooked Sundays” in a recent post on The Huffington Post:

“The one day of my week that’s not booked solid, Sundays are my favorite time to peruse a farmers market, stock up for the week ahead, and linger in the kitchen. Armed with plenty of unprocessed ingredients and some tasty, reliable recipes, I recruit whoever’s willing and get cooking.”

Visit The Huffington Post for the recipe for Dana’s Farmgirl Tofu Chile Sofritas.

” … Sofritas (“sautéed” in Spanish) is a hearty Mexican stew that’s packed with chiles and spices. This hearty vegan version, served over brown rice or quinoa, inside a taco shell, or nestled into a breakfast burrito along with guacamole and cheese, makes a scrumptious meatless meal in a snap.”

Home-Cooked Sundays: Farmgirl Tofu Chile Sofritas (photo courtesy The Veganroad)

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Laurie & Kirstin on HuffPost Live

Yesterday, Laurie and Kirstin appeared live on HuffPost’s Third Metric, taking questions about the new book “The Family Cooks” and the importance of cooking at home.

Watch the full video above.

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Everyone’s Starving, Do You Know What You Are Cooking for Dinner?

for Lauri David's Cookbook, "Family Cooks."

Do you know what you are cooking for dinner? If you are like most people, you don’t. The cure is pure and simple, we need to get back into the kitchen, with a grocery bag of real good old-fashioned food, and start cooking again. Well, maybe not so simple. There are so many reasons, both bad and good that we have stopped cooking, but it has gotten to the point where we have to stop giving the reasons why we can’t cook and start finding the ways we can…

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Crunchy Quinoa Crusted Chicken Strips


Today we are going to start a new tradition. Every now and again we will post recipes to cook on a day when you have a bit more time. For us it’s Sunday (Yay for Home-Cooked Sundays!). The recipes will make enough for two family dinners, as I’ll offer an idea for transforming the leftovers into a quick and easy dinner on a busy night. We will call that Easy Tuesday (so you can fit in Meatless Monday).

Our first recipe, Quinoa Crusted Chicken, is adapted from our new cookbook The Family Cooks, and the way to turn the leftovers into an easy Chicken Parmesan is from our last cookbook The Family Dinner … So it’s very much a family thing…

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